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My name is Jenn and here's my story -


I started making collars & leashes as a hobby for my dogs because I was tired of having to purchase new dog gear every so often.


The collars & leashes I was purchasing would get dirty, start to retain not so great smells after a while, and I got tired of having to purchase new dog gear 1-3 times a year for the dogs. I try to do as much activites I can with my dogs and many of my dogs love the water & running around knik.


I decided to use the material I use because it's waterproof and doesn't retain smells - Perfect for any outdoor life style. A personal hobby, turned into making a few items for my friends here & there, and when I lost my job in 2019 I decided to focus on my hobby so it would become much more.


I cannot express how grateful I am for all the support I've received over the past few years and I have big goals for 49th State Kennels in the near future. 

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