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Our traditional flagship Bio-Thane Collar is a great choice for any breed.

Durable, washable, and odor resistant.

1 Inch Width, custom hardware, and available in a wide varity of colors. 

49th State Kennels Classic 1 Inch Collar

  • 49th State Kennels Biothane® collars are waterproof, stink-proof, highly-durable, soft to the touch, and feature a variety of color choices!


    Best of all, a quick rinse under water is all it takes to get your collar looking new again. 


    We offer five choices of hardware; Gold (Solid Brass), Silver (Stainless Steel/Plated Brass), Antique Brass, Black, and Rose Gold (Rose Gold/Plated Brass) All are rust-proof and highly durable.

    For best fit, measure your pup's neck and choose the size where your measurement fits roughly in the middle. If you prefer less overhang, choose a size where your measurement is towards the high end of the collar's range. For example, a 15" neck would fit in the Medium range best.


    When choosing widths, the 1/2" and  3/4" width is appropriate for small dogs, or for larger dogs where the leash is attached to a harness. For medium and larger dogs, or dogs who pull, we recommend the 1" 1.5" or the 2" width. These widths hava a much stronger hardware and are more comfortable for larger dogs.


    Available colors: Red, Coral, Orange, Light Orange, Yellow, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Lime, Forest, Teal, Blue, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Navy, Purple, Wine, Pink, Fuchsia, Tan, Light Brown, Brown, Gold, Gray, Black, White. Not all widths and sizes are available in all colors 


    Collar Sizing Guide:

    Small: 8-12 inches

    Small/Medium: 10-14 inches

    Medium: 12-16 inches

    Medium/Large: 14-18 inches

    Large: 16-20 inches

    Large/XL: 18-22 inches

     XL: 20-24 inches

    XL/XXL: 22-26 inches

    XXL: 24-28 inches


    Please be sure to double check your pup's collar size!  Ensuring size is the responsibility of the buyer and we do not accept returns or exchanges on products where the wrong size is selected.  To properly measure your dog's current collar, lay it flat and measure from the center bar of the buckle to the hole you use for proper fit. It's always best to measure twice just to be sure!


    General Safety Tips:

    • Inspect your gear before each use for wear and tear that could cause safety issues.
    • Always make sure you are clipping directly to the d-ring and not the tag ring.
    • Never use a leash or collar for anything other than it’s intended purpose. Misuse of gear can lead to safety issues.
    • Never leave your dog unattended while any gear is being worn. It is also not advised to allow your dog to drag their leash behind them on the ground.
    • It is the buyer’s responsibility to determine what gear is appropriate for their dog’s size, strength, and activity level. 49th State Kennels is not liable for any injuries or damage that may occur as a result of use.
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